Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do GHLL Directors get paid?
A. No. Unlike some other Youth Sports Organizations, the Board of Directors for GHLL is 100% volunteer. No Director receives any financial compensation for their services to the League.

Q. What if I have issue with my child's manager?
A. Speak with the manager about your concerns. 99% of the time this will take care of the issue. If you still are not satisfied, your next contact would be the Player Agent (Division Director) for your division. If you feel the issue is critical, you are always free to contact the VP of Operations or the President directly.

Q. What division should my child play in?
A. The division ages can overlap based on a players ability. Some players advance quicker than others and may play up depending on their ability and the coaches evaluations. First you should determine your childs 'League Age'.

Breakdown of ages for each division:

Division Age Description
Tee Ball 4-5 Focus is to learn fundamentals, experience teamwork, and give an opportunity to play baseball with their friends.
Rookie 5-6 Participated in one season of Tee Ball unless new to the sport or the area. Hitting is coach pitch, 5 pitches or 3 strikes.
Farm 7-8 First level of kid pitch. Division requires tryouts and teams are formed by a draft. League age 6 players must be one of the most highly skilled/mature players from Rookie the previous year and need league approval before registering for Farm.
Minors 9-12 Division requires tryouts and teams are formed by a draft. League age 8 players must be one of the most highly skilled and mature players from Farm the previous year and need league approval before registering for Minors.
Majors 9-12 Division requires tryouts for players who have not played in this divison before. Players who have previously played in this divison are already assigned to a team. League age 9 & 10 players must be one of the most highly skilled and mature players from Minors the previous year and need league approval before registering for Majors.
Juniors 13-15 Division requires tryouts and teams are formed by a draft. In very rare cases, highly skilled 12-year-olds may qualify.
•Age refers to League Age
•Tee Ball & Rookie divisons are Co-Ed

Q. My child tried out last year, does he/she have to try out again this year?
A. Yes. Unless your child played on a Major team in the previous Spring season she/he will need to try-out again. Tee Ball & Rookie players do not try-out.

Q. How many baseball games are there and what day of the week are the games scheduled?
A. Tee Ball is scheduled for 10 games(*). Most of the games are played on Saturdays. In order to finish the season on time there may be some weekday games.

Rookie is scheduled for 12 games(*). Most of the games are played on Saturdays. In order to finish the season on time there are some weekday games.

Farm, Minor & Major are scheduled for a minimum of 18 games(*). Two games are played each week. In most cases there is one weekday game and one weekend game each week. The days and times of the games vary each week.

Junior games can vary from season to season depending on if we have to interlock with other local leagues. In most seasons there are at least 18 games scheduled(*).

*Not all rained out games are rescheduled in Tee Ball and Rookie. In Farm through Majors we try to make up any rained out games but it is not guaranteed.

A. The fall season usually consists of 10 games. Games are generally played on weekends (Saturday or Sunday), although weekday games may be played depending on special situations. Games that are rained-out may or may not be made up at the discretion of the Board of Directors.

Q. I have more than one child, can they play together on the same team?
A. Yes. Please let the registrar know after signing up.

Q. Do you offer a sibling(s) discount?
A. Yes. If you have 3 or more children you won't pay more than $700 for the regular season registration fee. Snack bar fees are in addition to the registration fee. You can choose to put a deposit and work your required hours to be reimbursed or you can buy out.

• The discount applies to siblings only.

• Original birth certificates must be shown during sign-ups (no copies).

• Discount codes will be given once the above criteria is approved.

Q. What do the registration fees go towards?
A. GHLL is a 100% non-profit, volunteer organization. Our budget addresses things such as (but not limited to) dues per player to the National Little league Headquarters, equipment for players and coaches, baseballs, uniforms, field improvements, field maintenance, field dirt, utilities, insurance, non-profit dues to city and state, trophies, pictures, yearbooks, dues for teams to compete in TOC & All-Stars and administrative expenses. In addition, GHLL is committed to providing umpires for all games from age 7 and up. The registration fees are reviewed each year by the league Board of Directors and modified as expenses go up.

Q. When is the last day I can sign up?
A. Registration will be closed per division as soon as the divison is full.

Q. Is there a Residency Requirement?
A. In most cases, your child must reside or attend a school within our league boundaries. In some cases the local league may request a waiver, listing all circumstances that warrant such a waiver. Only the Charter Committee in Williamsport can make the final decision. If the Charter Committee votes to grant a waiver, the District Administrator will be informed in writing.

Q. What is the time commitment? How many practices and games per week?
A. Tee Ball & Rookie is generally one game and one practice. All other divisions generally consist of 2 games and 1 practice a week once the season starts.

A. All teams generally have one practice and one game per week. As the season progresses, practices may end earlier or cease completely due to sunset time arriving earlier. (It is common not to have a practice the last few weeks of the season.)

Q. Can I manage my child’s team?
A. You can apply to manage your child's team. Based on the number of applications we get per division we cannot guarantee you will be able to manage a team.

Q. What will my child need to bring to practice?
A. Your child should be ready to play baseball when she/he attends practice. Cleats, pants, glove, hat & cup (boys) are required to practice. Bats and batting helmets can be borrowed.

Q. If my child is selected to a Minor Division team, is there a chance he/she gets called up to Majors during the season?
A. Yes. If a Major team loses a player for the season it will call up a player from the Minor division.

Q. How many players are on a Little League team?
A. We try to never have more than 12 players on a team.

Q. Does each player play every game?
A. Yes.

Q. Where can I find the Little League rules?

Q. Do you accept friend requests?
A. In Tee Ball & Rookie, we will try to accommodate requests to be on a team with one friend; however, because we try to keep the teams balanced and fair, we are unable to honor requests in ALL OTHER DIVISIONS.

Q. How does the team and/or local league communicate with parents? Does the league have a social media presence?
A. We communicate through our Website and we are also on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Q. What is an All-Star, and how is the team selected?
A. An All-Star is a player that is voted on to the team by the coaches to represent the league in tournament play.

Q. Can my child “play up” on an older All-Star team?
A. The age brackets for All-Star teams are 8-10, 9-11, 10-12 and 13-14.

Q. When will the All-Star team be announced?
A. The All-Star teams are announced at the end of the season once we have been told we are clear to announce them.

Q. If my child isn’t picked to be an All-Star in my league can he/she go to another league to play all-stars?
A. Your child is only eligible to play on an All-Star team at the league she/he is in the boundaries for.

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